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Our Educational Tour / Study Tour

We have inbound educational and sports tours for those who are interested to discover Singapore. You can enjoy a sports exchange programme with a related group here. For those who are keen to participate, check out our Education Tour Packages!

Our holiday programs also take into account the diverse cultures of our students and are designed with the students in mind. To enrich the student's travel experience, we can provide the following services:

  • Organise language, computer, swimming and other courses
  • Various accomodations (hotel / homestay / holiday resort)
  • Transportation / transfer
  • Guided Tours
  • Visit to local schools
  • Organise friendly matches for sports related groups
  • Meals (Chinese, Japanese, halal and etc.)

晨星旅游教育有限公司于1998成立, 特别为学生.家庭和公司团体设计不同的旅游配套, 以提供客户高品质的旅游服务和难忘记的生活体验为目标.


  • 学校参访/交流/学生交换计划
  • 新加坡学校安排/学生准证申请/寄宿家庭住宿
  • 新加坡传统巡礼
  • 全世界和新加坡酒店预订
  • 自由行/旅游配套
  • 机票预订服务